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Monday, November 29, 2010

Boom Skirts & Thermal Tops!

The Boom Love Me Tweed Skirts are constructed really well and come in 12 vivid colors. I'm wearing Beige. The sash is scripted for 14 texture changes which makes the skirt quite versatile. The folder contains a top skirt plus an attachment for each leg that meshes well when walking. The skirts are priced very reasonably at $L75 each. The Boom +4 Warmth Thermal comes in 28 assorted colors, I'm wearing Goldenrod. The thermals are priced a bit higher at $L165, but you get 2 shirts in the folder, a plain and one with buttons at the left shoulder.

NEW Dutch Touch Jolie V2 Cocoa Yellow Eagle EBBlack, V2 Tatoo DarkRedLips & Jolie Nr1 Eyelashes
Truth Hair Anise in Honey w/Color Change Headband
Poetic Color Bright Forest Treasure Eyes
Luc Jewelry Heartwood Necklace & Earrings Set
NEW Ingenue Limited Edition The Wanderer Collection 3 Army Heels (I couldnt resist this shoe at 111 Event very expensive $L2,800 for 3 pair YIKES!)

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