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Monday, November 15, 2010

Amanda's Fashion - SweetDeb Birthday Dress 10L!

I'm a fortunate girl in sl because I have so many wonderful designer friends like Amandajohanna Nordenskiold of Amanda's Fashion who is helping me celebrate my rl birthday today with a dress named after me and sold at a discount so everyone can afford one. Check out her blog here. The SweetDeb Birthday Dress is flirty and fun, it has a silver butterfly pattern embossed on the black fabric. This dress is worth so much more than 10L you need one. Thank you Amanda for torturing the skirt prim so perfectly and creating a wonderful birthday present! I'm also wearing the Birthday Butterfly Necklace from Penny Raleigh of Pen's Gems that's only 1L till midnight tonight. Don't miss my birthday presents :)

NEW League Amanda Suntan Skin Peacock w/Cleavage
Damselfly Hair Rayvenel in Ginger Cool
Poetic Colors Summer Storm Eyes
NEW N-Core Pumps in Gray
To see larger pics go here :)

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