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Monday, November 29, 2010

IrEn's Amily & Angie Skins!

I'm wearing Amily one of the new skins from IrEn. I really like this skin on my own shape.

The Amily & Angie skins each include a unique shape and come in 5 skintones: fair, glow, pale, tan and tanned. Amily has a very young girlish face. Angie has a more mature look about her.

I photographed the Amily glow tone, the makeups for each are the same. What I like about these skins are the way they're being packaged and sold with a bunch of extras. Both Amily & Angie contain 3 versions of one baseskin: no cleavage, enhanced cleavage & freckles. The folder also contains 5 V2 Tatoo Makeups, 2 V2 Teeth, Prim Eyelashes, 1 Shape (Modifiable) and 1 V2 LipGloss. The most prominent feature on both the Amily & Angie faces are the eyebrows, I like how they're drawn thick and lush, highlighting the individual hairs. Amily has a cute little nose, shapely red lips and subtle cheek shading.

The Amily & Angie makeups are unique and colorful. My favorite is the eyeliner makeup. it's drawn really well. These skins are both quite affordable costing $L800 each. I like how Irischka Hotshot is packaging one skin with a ton of extras.

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