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Thursday, November 18, 2010

NEW Truth Hair!

Truth has 3 new hairstyles in the shop that are 'must haves' for all the sl fashionistas. The new hair comes with a standard version plus one scripted to streak in 63 colors. Bonnie is a beautiful updo piled high with lots of curly loose ends. This hair is going to complement all of your formal attire. I like the way the bangs frame the face.

Francesca is a fabulous buy! It comes with the standard and streaking versions, plus split attachment points so the hair doesnt sink into your chest and you get 2 bang choices as well! Now that's alot of bang for your buck :) This is a thick full head of hair that cascades down your back in long waves with curly ends.

I really like Francesca2 alot! This is the 2nd bang choice and it's beautiful with the bangs fringing the forehead. I'm a big fan of the flexi movement on the loose ends of the Truth hairstyles.

The last new look is called Sonya which is a long straight hairstyle pulled off the face and cascading down the back. This hair will showcase your jewelry nicely. Demos at Truth are always free. A single color pack costs $L250 and a fatpack of all 63 colors is $L1500.

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