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Monday, November 22, 2010

NEW Curio Autumn Skin!

I'm wearing the newest skin release from Curio... Autumn is stunning and worth the long wait!

The Autumn collection is magnificent in detail and variety. The makeups took my breath away, especially Aspen and Cinnamon. Gala Phoenix is giving us something new with this release, brow options! Each makeup comes with a light or dark skin, a blonde or brown eyebrow and freckled or non-freckled versions of each. I like the new eyebrows, both are refined and delicate, they complement this face and skintone. Autumn has the cutest little nose and plump scrumptious lips. The eyeshadow has very subtle coloring in muted tones. Other designer tatoo layer makeups will work great with Autumn for customizing an individual look of your very own.

This skin release has no changes to the body, although it's drawn beautifully with tons of detail like moles, blemishing and a realistic skintone. The Autumn skin is reasonably priced. What you get for your money are unique skins with no extras like cleavage skins or hairbases. The fatpack consists of 8 makeups (2 bonus looks) with 2 brow options each for $L3,000, that's 64 skins in all! An individual makeup contains 8 skins and costs $L1,000. Did I mention this skin is gorgeous? Yes, I'm enchanted with Autumn... My wish for the future would be red brows next :)

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