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Saturday, November 7, 2009

4 NEW Styles at Truth Hair

NEW Truth Hair
Truth Hair has released 4 new styles on Friday that are all absolutely beautiful. Truth Hawks has created 4 styles that will appeal to just about everyone. All 4 I'm showing are in a shade of blonde called Dune, my favorite color.

Lezzie is a loose set of pigtails, the hair sweeps across the forehead and over both shoulders.
Trina is a medium length style with the hair flowing over both shoulders and comes with a texture change fedora.
Lucinda has a bun in back, the hair sweeping across the forehead and lots of loose tendrils.
Penelope is a short style with the hair sweeping across the forehead, this one is my favorite!

All 4 of these pretty hairstyles can be found on display at the Truth Hair Salon. Go try on a demo, they're free... and while you're at the store dont forget to check out the big sale going on now of old styles that will be discontinued when the sale is over. You can pick up one color for 25L or a fat pack for 200L, wow... Dont miss this sale!
Lizzie - Trina - Lucinda - Penelope
NEW Truth Hair
To see more go here :)

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