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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

NEW Truth Hair!

It's not Friday, but there's new hairstyles released today from Truth, with a bunch of new colors and a brand new store. The hair is everything I'd expect from Truth Hawkes, he's an amazing hair designer. All 4 styles I'm showing are in one of the new light blonde colors called Swedish.

Ann is a long style with the hair cascading over the shoulders, pinned up partially in a bun, and flowing down the back.
Stacie is a short cut with a pin holding the hair off the face.
Wilma reminds me of a style from the 50's, with a texture change scarf and a short ponytail in back.
Zoe is an updo with the bangs sweeping across the forehead and swirls of curls on top.

You can find all 4 of these lovely styles at the new location on Truth Island.

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