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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sing A Song Hunt - Regular Records - Dollarbies

Sing A Song Hunt
Here's a preview of all the Sing A Song Hunt Items at Lemania Indigo. All Black Records are outfits named after songs and are 1L each.

#1 Sailing is a cute pant set that includes the tennis shoes, this outfit is perfect for kicking around sl, shopping or like the title says, sailing.
#2 Red Red Wine is a red gown that comes with a goblet of wine and a drinking animation.
#3 Baby Love is an updated dress from a previous hunt in a gold sparkley texture. The necklace and matching shoes are included.
#1 Sailing - #2 Red Red Wine - #3 Baby Love

#6 Mickey Mouse is a pants set that includes the hat with mickey mouse ears and black slippers. #7 is a pose for this outfit.
#5 Heart & Soul is a very sexy gown with a sheer skirt, underneath you have some very sexy lingerie, the outfit comes with matching shoes.
#4 Goldfinger is a very cute babydoll dress with matching gold pumps.
#6 Mickey Mouse - #5 Heart & Soul - #4 Goldfinger

#8 Breathless is a gown in a firey shade of orange with a matching shoulder wrap.
#11 Sexy Sadie has a sparkley black texture with 2 looks in the folder and matching black pumps.
#13 Go Away Little Girl has a black fur hat and shoulder piece with matching pumps.
#8 Breathless - #11 Sexy Sadie - #13 Go Away Little Girl

#12 Brown Eyed Girl is a very pretty gown with matching slippers.
#9 Breathe is a lovely gown in aqua.
#10 Breathe Pumps to match.
#12 Brown Eyed Girl - #9 Breathe - #10 Breathe Shoes

#14 Black Betty is a black gown with a lacey bodice and matching pumps.
#16 Rosanna is a red and white polka dot gown that includes a bustle and matching polka dot pumps.
#14 Black Betty - #16 Rosanna

#17 Purple Heart is a pants set with lots of detail on the jacket layer and includes the tennis shoes.
#15 Alphabet Song is a cocktail dress with a black wig and pumps included.
#18 Stepping Out is a cocktail dress with a matching hat and pumps included.
#17 Purple Heart - #15 Alphabet Song - #18 Stepping Out

#20 R E S P E C T is a strapless cocktail dress with black pumps.
#19 Black Bottom Girl has an interesting black skirt and includes the slippers, necklace, bracelet and anklets.
#19 Black Bottom Girl - #20 R E S P E C T

#25 Last Dance is a cute cocktail dress with a pretty pink texture, fur hat and cuffs, and matching pink pumps.
#22 Aint No Mountain High Enough has a green sparkley texture and includes green spine jewelry, a chest piece and earrings.
#21 Big Girls Dont Cry has a sparkley pink and black texture with matching pumps.
#24 Evil Woman has a floral black & gold texture with black ankle bracelets and slippers.
#23 Fame is a cocktail dress with a system skirt and matching pumps.
SAS 25-22-21-24-23
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