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Sunday, November 8, 2009

WigWamBam 6 Day Closing Sale!

WigWamBam is have a closing sale. Starting Saturday everything in the store is randomly priced 50L/25L/5L for 6 days... Then WigWamBam will be gone forever. I've enjoyed your clothing designs Joodle Fadoodle and I'm sorry to see your doors close. Here's a preview of the new releases 2 Shirts, 2 Jackets and several of your designs that are included in this sale.

Croix Jacket has a pretty chain on flowered black & white texture.
Pied de Poule Black Jacket has a system skirt layer for the bottom of the jacket that's a nice design.
Lil' Pockets Shirt had a nice plaid texture and a prim collar.
Lil' Heart Shirt has a prim color and a pretty texture.

WigWamBam 2 Jackets & 2 Shirts

Blue Roses Dress has a nice color to the texture, with a pink belt on the jacket layer.
Flowery Green has all layers in the folder, with either panties or leggings.
Silver Sequin has an interesting texture with a girl face.
Blue Roses, Flowery Green & Silver Sequin Girl Face
To see more go here :)

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