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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

4 NEW Hairstyles at Truth!!!

There are 4 NEW hairstyles at the Truth Hair Salon that are all so gorgeous and a must have for any fashionista. Truth Hawks has spoiled the grid, giving us 4 brand new styles every 7 days. The variety is fabulous this week too, from a formal updo to casual ponytails. All 4 hairstyles I'm showing are in one of my favorite colors, Caramel.

Bailey is a long style with the hair swept up on each side into a partial ponytail, pinned on the left side and cascading down the back.

Keira is two thick ponytails flowing over each shoulder with lots of loose tendrils.

Lydia is an updo with the hair sweeping across the forehead, over the left eye and loose tendrils framing the face on both sides, very sexy. This hairstyle includes a texture change hairband.

Sarana is a long style with lots of movement in the flipped up ends. The hair is swept across the brow and cascading over both shoulders and down the back. Sarana has to be my favorite this week. I'm a big fan of Truth's long hair designs.

Stop by Truth Hair and check out a demo of one of the new styles, they're free. A single color pack costs 250L and fatpacks are 1500L.

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