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Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Group Gifts from Belleze-Alyson Skin Sneak Peek & ROMI Lily & Rose Skins

The Alyson pre-release skin was sent out to the Belleza Group this morning. I was very excited to get this gift, since the Belleza Jesse Skin is one of my favorites. This pre-release Alyson skin has a beautiful face in 3 tones, with light freckles sprinkling the nose, burgandy lips (my favorite!) and cleavage. The folder also contained 3 skins for the guys too. Of course there will be many more makeup options when the skin is released in 2010, at this time there's no official release date. I'll just have to sit back and patiently wait :) This skins are in the notices, there's a 250L enrollment fee. Thank you Tricky Boucher for this lovely Christmas Gift!
Belleza Alyson Pre-release Skin in 3 Tones

The Lily Skin in 3 beautiful skintones was sent out to the ROMI Group for Christmas. I received Light, Natural and Tan skins, I'm showing the Tan Skins only, with all 6 makeups. The folder of each skintone contains 12 skins with light or dark brows. You also get a shirt and undershirt layer for the cleavage and a pair of blue and gray eyes. I really like this face, it's so charming and youthful. I love the lips colors, rosey cheeks and freckles. Thank you Romi Juliesse for these wonderful Christmas Presents!
ROMI Lily Tan Skin w/6 Makeups

This is just a small sample of the Rose Skin sent out to the ROMI Group. The group is closed now... the skins are in the notices though for current group members. There's so many skins, every skin tone and lip color, I couldn't photograph them all! Each pictures has 8 skins with different lip variations and cleavage options. This is a pretty face with nice eyeliner and kissable lips, I especially like the Red Lip Gloss Skins.

ROMI Rose Orange & Red Gloss Lips

To see more go here :)


  1. Hi! I saw your post on the feeds and wanted to make sure you note that the Romi group is completely closed enrollment, so the gift is not available to those not already in the group.

  2. ty for the comment coleslaw... I did mention that in one of my posts :)