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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

4 NEW Truth Hair Styles

NEW Truth Hair
Truth Hawks has released 4 NEW Hairstyles that are beautiful designs and very chic. I especially like the addition of the Christmas Ornaments on Geri, perfect for those casual holiday outfits. I really like the ponytail and bun on Allannah, this style will look beautiful with all your formal Christmas apparel. This week my favorite has to be Eva, this is a classic style that will go with just about any outfit, casual or formal. Check out the new hair at Truth this week, you're sure to find a hair style perfect for YOU. All single colors are 250L, Fatpacks 1500L and demos are free.

All 4 styles shown are my favorite color Seaspray... Festive Geri is in Cherry.
Allannah is a combination side ponytail and bun with bangs covering the forehead.
Britney is a long style with the hair long in the back and cascading over both shoulders
Eva is an updo with long tendrils on both sides of the face pulled into a low bun in back, gorgeous!
Festive Geri is the group gift from Truth you can find in the notices... this is a very cute set of curly ponytails on each side with Christmas Ornaments and Snowflakes sprinkling the brow.
Geri is the curly ponytails without the Ornaments, so cute!

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