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Monday, December 28, 2009


I blogged the Daisy/Gold Jacket by ::::LiNe:::: for 50L Weekend Fever yesterday. I liked the look of the pants and jacket that was on the picture and was surprised when I got home to find only a jacket. I'm notorious for not reading the fine print! Zippir Kayo, Owner/Designer of :::LiNe:::: was kind enough to send me the leopard pants to complete the outfit. The pants are cute too with cut outs down the sides of both legs. The color combination with the jacket is very pleasing to the eye. Thank You Zippir for the lovely giftie!

I had alot of fun with the Lemon Scooter that I posted yesterday. Hempy Weezles, Owner/Desiger of RIPE sent me the Hypnozoom as a gift. This is a fabulous bike that drives easily. The picture doesnt do the Hypnozoom justice since you dont see the effect of the turning corkscrew at the back or the wheels turning hypnotically. This is a fun toy to have, thank you Hempy for the gift! This item is not in the store.

Just My Imagination has two 50L Weekend Items in the shop, the Flower Chair Group and the dainty yellow Ballerina Slippers. I had fun shopping for all the 50L Weekend Fever Items :)

To see more go here :)

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