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Saturday, December 26, 2009

NEW Dark Mouse Pearl Sets

Dark Mouse has released 3 NEW Pearl Sets that are all quality designs and stunning on my avatar. Pearls are classic jewelry and go with just about any attire.

The Vintage Rose Pearl Necklace & Earring Set comes in 3 metals... gold, copper and silver. The pearl earrings with the metal accents are gorgeous and look so good with the long pearl necklace. The folder contains a necklace for either the chest or spine attachment. I love having options!

The Stacked Necklace, Earrings & Bracelet Set is big and bold in design. These pearls made me smile when I put them on, I like the plump pearls on the necklace and chunky bracelets. This set also includes a necklace for either the chest or spine attachment.

The Simple Pearl Eearrings & Necklace Set is my favorite of the 3 and comes in pink, white or black pearl. All my other pearl sets are small, you can just barely see the earrings. Dark Mouse's Simple Pearl Set has nice sized pearls, especially the earrings. This set also comes with a necklace for the chest or spine.

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