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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Holiday Group Gifties from CupCakes - Tuli - FreeSpeerit - IrEn

I love skins. Most of the groups I belong too are skinmakers. Here's a look at the Group Gift from CupCakes, Tuli, FreeSpeerit and IrEn.

Cupcakes has 2 beautiful gifts in the group notices. It costs 100L to join but so worth the lindens. These skins are so lovely and there's so many of them! The Sweetheart Group Gift is a very beautiful face in all tones with light brown kissable lips and smokey eyes. The Brilliant Holiday Gift is a gorgeous face with bright pink lips and subtle eyes, it also comes in all skin tones. Thank you Rosemary Galbraith for these lovely gifts! Both sets of skins come with or without cleavage, I love this option!

CupCakes SweetHeart Group Gift w/Eyebrow Option 2

Cupcakes DayDream 2.0 - Brilliant Holiday Gift

Tuli always takes care of her group with wonderful presents and this Christmas is no exception. You can find this beautiful Eva Skin in the group notices. Eva has a beautiful face and lovely lips, the gift comes in all 7 tones with black, brown or blonde brows. Thank you Tuli Asturias for this wonderful Christmas Present!

Tones 1 & 2 - Black, Brown, Silver & Blonde Brows

Tones 3 & 4 - Black, Brown & Blonde Brows

Tones 5, 6 & 7 - Black & Brown Brows

Free Speerit has put this gorgeous prototype of the Maya Skin under the Christmas Tree in the shop. Wear your group tag and the skins are yours. This skin has a beautiful face with luscious lips and subtle eye makeup. The Maya Prototype will only be out until 12-28 so be sure to get yours. I'm looking forward to the release of the Maya Skin in 2010, the prototype is stunning!

Maya Prototype Pale - Glamour & Natural

Maya Prototype Tan - Glamour & Natural

The Alison Skin is NEW at :::: IrEn :::: This skin is unique since you get day makeups and fighting makeups with bruises and wounds. This special Christmas Gift can be found in the Group Notices. The cheeks are painfully red, a bit over the top for me, but the face is lovely.

To see more go here :)

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