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Thursday, February 4, 2010

MORE Valentine Bazaar Skins!

There were so many skins available at the Valentine Bazaar, all for 50L. I had to sample them all! Here's 2 very lovely skins from Mustache and CandyDoll that are perfect looks for Valentine's Day.

Mustache Medium Beezy - Valentine comes with a pair of Beezy Eyelashes that are very exotic and give this skin a very dark eye. This is a creamy pale skin with nice detail on the body. Beezy has a soft curvy stomach with nice shading at the pecs and shoulder blades. The face has high cheekbones with red eye shadow, black eyeliner and a heart on the lips, very pretty!

The folders on the CandyDoll Julietta Love Pale & Pink Tan each contains 2 skins... with and without the hairbase. I really like this option since so many hairstyles look better with a hairbase. The Julietta Love Pale Tone has a dark brow with red eye shadow, rosy cheeks and ruby red kissable lips. The Julietta Pink Tan Tone has a dark brow with pale pink eye shading, black eyeliner, rosy cheeks and bright pink luscious lips. The body has fabulous shading throughout giving her nice muscle tone, cleavage and all around sexiness!

Truth Cameron Hair in Golden, Seaspray & Walnut
Stiletto Moody Pinups in White
Insolence White Bra & Panty
To see more go here :)

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