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Friday, February 5, 2010

Lestat Reuven, NEW Truth Hair, Poetic Colors, Stiletto Moody, Tesla, G Field, NEW Purple Rose and NEW Curio Skin!

Lestat Reuven has 3 lovely outfits that are brand NEW and on sale for the next 24 hours for 100L.

We Are Having Fun has an interesting olive & cream texture that includes a scuplty at the bottom of the tee and the long sheer flexi skirt.

NEW Truth Nicky Hair in Golden
Stiletto Moody Pinups in Amber
Poetic Color Ocean Gold Coral Eyes
NEW Curio Cupid Skin Acorn Tone Pure 1

Roses Are Pink comes with 2 skirts that can be worn separately. This dress has a pretty red & pink floral texture. The shirt comes in 2 layers with a sexy red cami undershirt. Doesn't the hat look cute with this dress?

Truth Katey Hair in Barley
G Field Ten Gallon Hat w/Ribbon both are color changeable
Stiletto Moody Pinups in Badseed
NEW Curio Cupid Skin Acorn Light Tone Crush 2

Classic Cream is a cute pair of flair legged jeans with nice detail at the pockets, and a tan sleeveless tank with a plunging neckline that reveals lots of cleavage. I like the muscle cut of the tank in the back. This is a very sexy outfit!

Truth Kase Hair in Latte
NEW Purple Rose Platinum Valentine Necklace
Tesla Hylda Low Boots in Brown SnakeSkin
NEW Curio Cupid Skin Acorn Light Bouquet 2
To see more go here :)

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