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Friday, February 5, 2010

NEW Curio Cupid Acorn Light All Makeups

When I heard that Gala Phoenix had released a new skin called Cupid I knew I had to have it without even trying on a demo. Curio is definitely my favorite skinmaker in sl. In my opinion, Gala Phoenix creates the best skins on the grid. Every Curio Skin I own (and I own alot!) is in either Petal or Sundust Skintone. This purchase I decided to change things up some and picked up the Acorn Fatpack. This is a very rich and sexy dark skintone... Inside the folder there's 48 skins! That's right... you get all 12 makeups in dark, light, freckled & nonfreckled versions. I wasn't disappointed when I got my new skins home either, they're so well done and the skintone is exquisite. The Cupid collection is magnificent in detail and variety. The makeups took my breath away, especially Amore 1&2 with the hearts on the cheeks and lips.

Cupid reminds me of the Elf collection, it has a similar refined brow in a light shade minus the dimples. Cupid has the cutest little nose and scrumptious lips, she is PERFECT! The body is loaded in detail with beautiful shading on the abs, collarbone, ribs and shoulderblades. Did I mention this skin is gorgeous? Yes I'm enchanted with Cupid and I know you would be too if you tried on a demo. I also picked up the Luck Inc. Breast Enhancer for the Acorn Skin. This accessory is a MUST!

Truth Zoe Hair in Golden
Insolence Emily Pink Tulle Bra & Panty
Paper Couture Pink Pastel Pearl Wrapped Heels
Shiny Things Nighttime Gem Earrings that are color changeable
Poetic Color Deep Jungle Green Eyes
Redgrave Diamond Dust Eyelashes 20

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