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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Gala Phoenix's Cupid 2 All Makeups Sundust Light Tone

Gala Phoenix is an amazingly talented and accomplished skinmaker. I'm excited about her newest skin release called Cupid 2, that has a perfect face for Valentine's Day. The 12 makeups are simply stunning. The 'Lovely' collection is one of my personal favorites, and Cupid 2 closely resembles Lovely. Cupid 2 has a sweeter, more refined brow in a lighter shade of brown. The scrumptiously plump lips are very sexy and compliment her alluring pout. I think she needs a kiss :) The eye makeups are astonishingly beautiful with such variety... there's a look here to match every sl personality. The names are also interesting and fit the adorable faces... Allure, Crave, Flirt and Lavish. I especially like Kissy Face 1&2 with the kisses on her cheeks and forehead.

Cupid 2 All Makeups Sundust Light Tone

The Cupid 2 body has an extraordinarily beautiful skin texture. The slight blemishing throughout gives her a realistic skintone. She has a soft feminine belly with nice shading and illustration at the clavical, shoulderblades, ribs and buttocks. Curio skins are like no other in second life, and in my opinion, this body is perfection. Bravo Gala Phoenix for a job well done!

Cupid 2 Sundust Light Tone

Truth Mavi in Walnut
Poetic Colors Ocean Blue Surf Eyes
Mandala Takara Buddha Red Nails w/Rings
Insolence Melonie Red Panty & Bra
Stiletto Moody Pinups in Badseed
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