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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lelutka Group Gift - Ife Skin in 3 Tones

Three days in a row I've logged into sl and had wonderful skin gifts waiting for me to open. Today the gift comes from Lelutka and it's a stunner. The Ife skin in 3 tones took my breath away, it's so beautiful. My favorite tone is the Tan Never with Dark Brows. The folder contains light brows, but I have a love affair going on with Lelutka's dark brows and light brown or blonde hair. This face is exquisite. The eyes of the Tan Never skintone have subtle green eye shadow and dark eyeliner that makes them really stand out. The lips are so enticing and luscious with a natural glistening lip gloss. Ife has a beauty mark that rests next to her mouth and gives her face lots of character, she's a star and everyone knows it :) The body is just perfect with a soft sensuous belly and very detailed illustration at the chest, clavical, shoulder blades and back. She has very sexy shading on the buttocks that highlights the shapely curve. This skin is gorgeous! This is a fabulous gift from Minnu Palen who is one of sl's premier skinmakers. Thank you Minnu for this wonderful skin gift. There's no fee to join the Lelutka group at this time and the skins are in the notices...WOW. You NEED this skin, what are you waiting for?

The Ife Light Vamp has very pretty pink eye shadow, dark eyeliner and a glossy pink lip. The Tan Never is perfection! The Dark Mist is a creamy cocoa skintone with subtle blue eyeshadow, dark eyeliner and a glossy natural pink lip.

NEW Truth Hair Milla in Platinum, Seaspray, Latte & Chestnut
Poetic Colors Oceans Seaweed2 Green Eyes
Solange Ikbal Silk Panty & Bra
NEW Stiletto Moody Bare Robin Unzipped Booty in Joker Black & White
Mandala Jewelry Takara Black Fur & Leather Bangle w/Black Nails and Rings
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