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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Digit Darkes 100L and Under Sale!

Determined Coat
I received a notice that Digit Darkes was having a two day sale of selected items for 100L and under. I tp'd to the shop to check it out. Many of the items for sale I already had in inventory. But I spotted this very sexy coat and knew I had to have it. The Determined Coat in Charcoal is a sheer satin texture on the jacket layer. The belted coat is open so the white bra and panties peek through. This would be a great outfit to wear at a pajama party :) The long flowing blonde hair is from Damselfly called Calyssa in Beach Beige Blend. The tall Black Kensington Boots are from Tesla. The Black Astral Pearl Set is from the Purple Rose, the gems are color changeable. The Carina 01 Portrait Skin is from Laqroki.
10-7 L

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