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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lemania Indigo NEWNESS!

Cotton Candy Wedding
This wedding gown is a confection of flowers, sequins and rosebuds. Cotton Candy Wedding is as sweet as sugar, with all three shirt layers coordinated together to make the bodice so frilly. The rosebuds on the long gloves are a nice touch. Underneath the long flexi skirt and pant layer, you'll find sexy panties, stockings and matching pumps. The swirling roses on the headpiece and veil are textured to match the bodice, it's a very pretty design and looks good on my avatar. I like the gown with the jacket and bra layer removed, it's very sexy!
10-18 H
Cotton Candy Wedding was originially priced at 1500L, for a short time it's on sale for 1kL. You can find this beautiful wedding gown being modeled at Lemania Indigo Designs while it's on sale. The black curly hair is from Damselfy called Halinka in Oynx Blend. The Jasmin Earrings are from Donna Flora. The skin is from Laqroki, Kat 08 [Fair] hairbase Glow Skin, it has a creamy complexion, nice eyeliner and fuschia lips. This hair is an older Damselfly style, it doesn't have the resizer script and I'm too lazy to stretch it, the hairbase skin allows me to not have resize the hair.
10-18 I
Debbie Reynolds
This pretty pale green cocktail dress is a re-release of an outfit designed by Lemania Indigo, inspired by the actress Debbie Reynolds. The cute little schrug on Debbie Reynolds looks like vines made out of lace, there's some very nice detail on the textures. Peek under the skirt and pant layer and you'll find some lingerie, cute panties and stockings that look so smexy with the strapless shirt. The pretty yellow heels are included, this is a complete outfit. Debbie Reynolds is one of the specials of the day on sale for 100L for 24 hours only.
10-18 J
The sassy red hair is from Truth called Rebecca in Carrot. The skin is from Belleza, Jesse Sunkiss 4 w/cleavage. This is a pretty skin with slight freckles across the bridge of the nose and burgandy lips.
10-18 K
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