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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Nightmare Hunt

The Nightmare Hunt is happening right now, on the Lemania and Wonderous Strange Sims, probably till the end of the month. There's so many beautifully designed outfits from Lemania Indigo, Lestat Reuven and Summer Loon. All three of them are wonderful designers, so very creative and talented. This is just a small sample of what you can find inside the brooms. Many of the items have poses, skins, photo props, and a couple have hair. Every broom is a complete outfit! Alot of hard work was put into this hunt, the outfits are all beautiful. The best part for me is opening them up and trying the different Holloween Costumes on and taking these pictures... Have fun hunting ladies!!!!
Hocus Pocus - Prep School - Black Widow
10-11 G
Witchy Pin Up - Autumn Sweater - Carmen Miranda
10-11 H
Be A Clown - Cleopatra - Ghost
10-11 I
Mummy - Pumpkin Patch - Holloween Bikini
10-11 J
To see more go here :)

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