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Monday, October 12, 2009

Gold Dubloon Hunt

Cilian'gel's Pirate Costume for Scurvy Wenches & Sea Dogs
Arrg Matey! There's gold dubloons to be found with some great gifts inside. The pirate costumes designed by Boutique Cilian'gel, which is the 10th stop on the hunt, are fabulous. The "Pirate" for scurvy wenches has some very nice detail... it comes with a dagger between the teeth, a high collar in back, ruffles at the neck and sleeves. The asymetrical long flexi skirt and shirt are in a dark green brocade texture, accented with a light green undershirt and sash. You get 2 sash options in the folder, with or without another dagger. I love the feathered tricone hat, this outfit is so fun to wear.

10-12 B

The "Pirate" for sea dogs is just as detailed as the scurvy wench. My sl partner Daxx Darwin, agreed to pose for these pictures reluctantly, and only after I promised to make him look "manly". I think he looks fierce in his pirate attire... his outfit comes with the black pants and green vest. It has a black and white skull textured sash, a sword tucked at the waist, skull and crossbone tatooes on each arm, and the pirate tricone hat. Both of these Pirate Costumes are quality designs. Cilian'gel also created the brown suede boots for wenches and sea dogs, they look so good on too. They're available here... for 2L each set. The 1st pose is from Reel Expressions Couple's Pose 3. The 2nd pose is from LostAngel Industries, [LA]Heaven on Earth.

10-12 A
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