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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Nightmare Hunt on Lemania & Wonderous Strange Sims

Nightmare Hunt Items from Lemania Indigo
It's another fabulous hunt on the Lemania and Wonderous Strange Sims, this one is called the Nightmare Hunt. At last count, there are something like 22 brooms to be found on the Lemania Sim. Here are 3 items from the hunt that are quality dollarbies created by Summer Loon Designs. Broom #11 contains this really adorable Grey Fox mini dress. There's a red bow on the swishing fox tail to match the flowers on the pumps, this dress is adorable. Broom #6 is the almost etible Candy Corn dress with the brown pumps. Candy Corn is my favorite so far... In broom #22 you'll find Holloween Diva. The scuplty skirt on this strapless dress is unusual, it has a pretty grey and pink brocade texture and matching pumps with flowers.
10-10 D
Nightmare Hunt Items from Lestat Reuven
This is just a sample of some of the wonderful outfits you'll find in the brooms on the Wonderous Strange Sim for the Nightmare Hunt, all designed by Lestat Reuven. At last count there are 11 hidden brooms somewhere on the sim jammed packed with goodies for 1L each. Broom #3, 4 & 5 are the Diva Devil Pink Gown, Jacket and Gift Skin. This is a pretty gown with black skulls, that sort of reminds me of a Holloween candy, it's sweet as sugar. Broom #1 is the yummy Pumpkin Gown in the middle, this gown has a victorian flavor. And finally Broom #2 is the empire waisted Black Cat Dress. All 3 of these outfits are hidden in brooms somewhere on Wonderous Strange. Happy hunting ladies!
10-10 C
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