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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lemania Indigo Newness!

This very pretty gown is one of the specials of the day at Lemnia Indigo Designs discounted at 100L for the first 24 hours only. It's adorable and comes with the animated maracas in both hands, your avatar does a dance that's so cute. The texture is a colorful brocade that's carried over to the maracas and the matching platform heels with bows. The black ponytail is from Damselfly called Kamryn in Onyx. The skin is the new one from Letuka called Eclat in Pale Makeup 6 with dark brows. This is becoming my new favorite skin, I love the creaminess and glow, but especially like the different shapes of the bushier than usual brows. I know some people don't like the thicker brow, but I prefer this look to the pencil thin brow on many skins.
10-14 F
Ruby Slippers
This is another one of Lemania Indigo's specials of the day, you can pick up for 100L for the first 24 hours only. This dress is really beautiful, I'll admit I'm a sucker for a matching hat. This hat is fabulous and matches the dress to a tee. Ruby Slippers has a sparkley burgandy texture on the bodice and pant layer. The flexi skirt and long ribboned gloves are an off white fabric, a nice contrast to the sparkley top. Of course the ruby slippers are included with this dress. The necklace and earrings set is from Dryad Designs called Dorothy Grown Up, it looks so nice with Ruby Slippers. The wavy black ponytail is from Damselfly called Makena in Oynx. The skin is once again from Letuka called Eclat Pale Makeup 6 Dark Brows... the cherry lips and eyeliner are so yummy.
10-14 G
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