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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lemania Indigo Dollarbie & Newness!

Sprite Queen
Sprite Queen is the retiring outfit of the day at Lemania Indigo Designs. There's alot inside the folder, from the green sprite skin to 3 sets of green eyes. The babydoll gown has 3 flexi skirts that give it fullnes and lots of movement.
10-19 G
This dress is so pretty and definitely worth picking up for 1L. You can find Sprite Queen in the Money Fever Game at the shop. Tomorrow it will be moved to the Dressing Room where it will still be available for 1L for the next 7 days before being retied forever. The green hair is from Truth called Tanya in Apple. The cute orange ponytail is from !Lamb in Mango, it's a fabulous shade of red. The Sea Glass Earrings are from Dryad Designs. The skin is from Curio, Sundust Frex [Light] April I-BlueBell 1.
10-19 F
This outfit looks very warm, perfect for a cold russian night. Moscow is a new release from Lemania Indigo with a fur hat and fur lined boots. There's lots of detail on this outfit, with the buckle across the front of the jacket layer and the buttons down the front of the shirt. The jeans have nice stitching at the pockets and there's nice detail on the boots at the laces and eyelets. The scarf is a nice touch.
10-19 E
The shirt layer without the jacket is a pretty look too. Moscow is one of the specials of the day on sale for 100L, 24 hours only. The hair is from EdelStore Mall called Yaiza in Brown, I found it one of the vendors on the 1st floor. The skin is new from Belleza, Jesse Sunkiss 4 HB w/cleavage. This is a very creamy and smooth skin with nice eyeliner and burgandy lips.
10-19 D
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