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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Petunia Cute Stuff!!

Tiered Boho Skirt & Cami
I was wandering around the Monkey Mall looking for a particular store when I stumbled across a completely different store called Petunia. I like shopping at the Monkey Mall since there's so many interesting little boutiques, I get lost there... The Petunia shop had some very interesting designs on the walls, two caught my eye immediately... This dress is called Tiered Boho Skirt & Cami, the skirt was 70L and the cami was 35L. This dress spoke to me :) and it's so pretty too! The textures are what caught my eye... it's layers of flowers & plaids on the skirt, a great combination and very pleasing to the eye. I like the tiny band of white flowers at the top of the pant layer, this dress is so adorable! The shoes are Maitreya Gold Shanti in Khaki. This shoe has become one of my favorites, since it's so easy to match the colors of the foot with the different skins I like to wear. The carrot red hair is from !Lamb called Teased Up in Mango, the color of this hair is brilliant and looks so good with this skin. The Astrid Diamond & Gold Bracelet is from Pen's Gems, it hasn't been released yet, it's a work in progress, but I love it. The Kaleidostar Pendant & Earrings Set in Juicy Orange is fromTHOR OH GOOD. I get mesmerized watching the center of the pendant turn and change from light to deep orange. The eyes are a group gift from ::Exodi:: called Zbilja Spirit Teal Large w/no veins. The skin is from Curio, Sundust FREX[Light] April-Jonquil 1.
10-18 F
This adorable dress has a lovely violet texture, I like the peach band at the bottom of the skirt, it's a nice contrast, and the pretty flowers on the bodice. This is another design from ::P:: (Petunia) that just makes me feel good when I wear it. I paid 125L for Hadley. The Gold Shanti heels from Maitreya in Nude look so nice with Hadley. I'm crazy about the Kaleidostar Pendant Set from THOR OH GOOD, the color of this one is called Fragile, it's a pretty pale shade of violet, I like how the colors slowly change from deep violet to pale as it spins. The hair is a new release this week from Truth called Ashlin in Sahara. I look forward to the new Truth releases on Fridays. I sometimes tp over late Thursday night cause the anticipation gets the best of me :) The bracelet is from Pen's Gems called Astrid Diamond&Gold, it's not released yet... I am exicted to see what Penny Raleigh comes up with next, hoping she does a necklace and earrings to match. The eyes are a group gift from ::Exodi:: called Zbilja in Leaves w/no veins... I received 9 new sets eyes in very interesting colors, 4 eyes each shade with and without viens, small and large, the eyes are a fabulous group gift from Ryker Beck, thank you for the lovely gift! The skin is from Curio. I'm such a big fan of Gala Phoenix skin designs, my inventory is bursting with her beautiful skins. This one is called Sundust Frex [Light] Breeze II-Viola 2. I think the violet eye shadow and lipstick is so pretty, I'm a big fan of freckles!
10-18 G
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