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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Holloween Treasure Hunt on Valefar

Fallen Leaves
Cilian'gel and [hate this] have created 4 outfits for the Holloween Treasure Hunt on Valefar, which is the main location of Cilian'gel. You'll find the Minion Store of [hate this] deep in the cellar. I posted the two outfits designed by Cilia Shepherd, owner/designer of Boutique Cilian'gel here. This week I'm showing you the other two outfits designed by Corvus Szpiegel owner/designer of [hate this].
10-25 A
Both outfits are called Fallen Leaves, one for the ladies the other for the man in your sl. The guy's outfit looks great on the ladies too. The textures on both Fallen Leaves are autumn colors of orange and brown. The skirt on the gals outfit has a leafy texture as does the matching shrug and stockings. The cute orange necklace is included, I like how the colors are constantly shifting, drawing your eye to it. The folder contains 2 shrugs and the corset top. The skirt has a resizing script, I was able to make it fit my avatar perfectly. The guys outfit comes in all layers, with 2 pairs of jeans, in boot cut and regular. Daxx liked the orange shirt by itself, I liked the layered look on him. The guys outfit also has a scarf accent around the neck. Both of these outfits can be found somewhere in the store inside pumpkins. You get them both for FREE, all you have to do is find them. Good luck hunting!
10-25 B
To see more go here :)

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