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Monday, October 19, 2009

Holloween Treasure Hunt at Boutique Cilian'gel

Happy Holloween Hunt
The "Happy Holloween Hunt" takes place at Valefar, the main location of Cilian'gel. You will find the minion store deep in the cellar. There are four, yes four original outfits designed exclusively for this hunt hidden inside pumpkins around the store. You get them for FREE! All you have to do is find them. Two of the outfits are for ladies, the other two look great on the guys and gals. It's nice to find a hunt with prizes for both sexes that Daxx and I can do together.
The ladies outfit is just plain fabulous! From the tip of the witches hat right down to the tiny ballet slippers all done in a great autumn fabric. I really like the prim pumpkin accents on the chest and the tops of both stockings. Once again I coaxed Daxx, my sl partner, to model the guys outfit. He looks awesome in the jacket and matching hat. The texture on the guy's jacket is in autumn colors too with a zipper up the front. He really likes the jeans, and the t-shirt underneath the jacket layer, with a diamond pattern on the chest. There's lots of minute detail on both outfits, like the stitching on the men's jeans and the sheerness of the flexi skirt on the ladies outfit. I had to whisper sweet nothings into Daxx's ear to distract him while I took pictures, I actually think he's a natural at this modeling stuff :) These two outfits are just a sample of what can be found in the Holloween Treasure Hunt. Cilia Shepherd worked hard creating these two outfits and it shows! Daxx and I have to go back and find the two outfits from Corvus Szpiegel, I'm sure they're designed just a fabulously as these two.
holloweenie 3
The necklace is new release from Pen's Gems called Holloween Gold. This is a very pretty design from Penny Raleigh. I like the chunky gold chain on the pumpkin necklace, the way it glitters when you move without bling. The yummy earrings look like candy, almost etible. The skin is from Curio, Sundust Frex [Light] April-Jonquil 2. The eye shadow is a two toned gold and orange, the lips are a pale shade of pink. I love the freckles on the cheeks, they're actually all over the body, this is a very pretty skin. The hair is a freebie from ETD called Lily in Apricot. This is a nice freebie with over 60 wigs in the folder.
10-19 C
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