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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pink Hunt at Glance International

Pink Panther Outfit & LollipopZ Pretty Girl
I received a notice about the Pink Hunt going on now at GLANCE International Agency. The items are 50L, I only had time to find a few. The Pink Panther outfit is from Sanders Beaumont, CEO of *FDL* Fleur de Lys and it's adorable. It's a complete outfit including the pink&green sneakers that can texture change to 6 different colors. The folder includes a scarf that is also texture changeable and a tie. The Pink Panter Outfit is so adorable! The cute pink hair is from LollipopZ, I like the bangs and length in the back. The 3 items I found were fairly easy, I'm sure there's lots more... will have to go back again :)
10-17 G
Pink Lady
This gorgeous dress designed by Pixivor Allen of AlaFolie is the reason why I went to do the Pink Hunt at Glance. This gown is a beautiful example of AlaFolie designs, it's truly breathtaking. The pink bow is not hard to find either :) The folder contains the pink sash with the ribbon down the back, the long ballgown and 2 different shirt and pant layers, the pretty pink heels are also included. This gown was 50L and worth every cent hah. The hair is from Damselfy called Taliyah in Oynx Blend. The Pink Agate Set is from Paper Couture, it includes the necklace and earrings. The skin is from Cuiro, Sundust Fex [Light] Lovely II-Fuchsia 1.
10-17 I
To see more go here :)

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