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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Handel - Elle & Christie Dresses

This pretty red and black gown was sent to me from Handel, at least I think it was... it's called Elle, I found it in my inventory. It's funny when things just pop up in inventory and you have no clue where they came from. This is a pretty gown with some lovely detail on the corset top.
Elle came with a pair of black heels. I tp'd to the store to check out the merchandise. I realized when I landed, I had never been there before. I liked what I found... an entire wall of discounted dresses, a couple for 1L. This dress was on sale for 80L and also was a prize in the lucky chair. The messy ponytail is from Hal*Hina called Noa in Raven. The Jasmine Set is from Donna Flora, it comes with a HUD you can color change the necklace and earrings to 7 different shades.
The Christie dress I found amongst the discounted dresses. I paid 10L for this lovely green gown. I really like the lace apron on the skirt.
Strapless gowns are a favorite of mine in sl, this one has a pretty bow in the back of the skirt. The red updo is from ETD called Janae in Copper. All the jewelry is from the Purple Rose. The Flow Earrings are a freebie. The necklace is a special order item, it has my name and my sl partner's name engraved on the heart. The Blossom Armbands have color changeable gems.

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